Wk14 – Art Activity – Instagram

This week, the class had to post at least 4 photos each on Instragram with the hashtag #art110f16. It didn’t take much work on any of our parts, but I think it made a really beautiful and diverse collage of images.

Some of these images are beautiful in their own right, while others may just be okay looking photos of random objects or scenes. BUT, when you smash them all together in this collage type thing that results after searching the hashtag, you get this beautiful series of images. I uploaded two screenshots of differents sections of the images next to each other. I enjoy looking at this set of images as a whole and then going into each individual photo and analyzing them. It’s amazing what can be done with technology and websites like Instagram. I barely used my Instagram before this activity, but this kind of inspired me to be more active on it.

Here are some of the images I posted myself.


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