Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Patricia Martin

Artist: Patricia Martin

Exhibition: Art Galleries Holiday Sale

Media: Different clothing materials and natural colors

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: patriciamartinartist.com

Instagram: N/A

Patricia is working on her Masters in Fine Arts at CSULB. This week, only some of her art was displayed as part of the Holiday Sale. She had several scarves on sale. She uses beautiful natural colors in her scarves. She worked on color reproduction as an undergraduate.  An example of how to make natural colors that she shared with us was boiling bugs, leaves, and bark together and then put the material in that solution. Patricia has her own business where she teaches art privately. Her lessons can be found at her website.


Most of these scarves in the picture above were made by Patricia. She is clearly very talented in creating materials and beautiful colors. The colors found on her scarves are very natural earthy-looking colors with the occasional rose-like pink.

They are not the kind of clothing I would personally wear, but I have seen many other people, mostly women, wear scarves much like hers. I think they are beautiful and very well made.


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